Shared Housing

We would like to raise funds, that would help cover the move-in costs for the homeless this winter. We attached a letter that we sent to the mayor to get assistance with what we do. We have housed over 100 people in the past year. Our goal is to house an addition 250 people within the next year. You can visit our website to find more about our organization. We attached a link of a video for a charity concert/thanksgiving dinner that we will be hosting for free for our homeless community. We also attached a poster of the event. The event will be on November 22nd in South Seattle. We are hoping to raise money by that date so we can help house some of the concert goers that day.
When you donate please email and we will send you a free eBook copy of "A Gateway to Micro Job Wealth".

Damascus Homes, LLC
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Damascus Homes is changing lives!
Most of the time when we receive letters asking for help, we see pictures and hear stories that make us feel guilty for not being able to help. This is not that kind of letter. We want to share with you how we are helping to change lives, one day and one prayer at a time. Please take a moment to see how change is taking place in the lives of many in your community and guilt free, how you can help.
Damascus Homes provides a safe, clean and sober Christian living environment for men and women who are seeking to improve the quality of their lives. Plain and simple. We encourage gainful employment, however many of our residents come to us either unemployed or unemployable. We work with agencies to place them in suitable employment and encourage educational pursuits. We have witnessed that an environment of Christian comradery has had a tremendous effect.
You see, we've done some of these things with help from various agencies, but to continue we are asking help from our community. We ask your help, not to make you feel guilty about someone else's life, but hoping you will feel hopeful that whatever you may have to donate will continue to help build a strong community of thankful, grateful and dedicated for change men and women.
Damascus Homes, where "Clean and Sober Christian living is our number one priority" thanks you in advance for your time and any assistance. Want to know how else you can help? Give us a call.

Warmest Regards,

Biancco Gardner, CEO
Damascus Homes

To read more about Shared Housing go to our new internet page.

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